corona rings used for high voltage laboratory

Why Corona Rings Used For High Voltage Laboratory: The Complete Guide

Corona rings are one of the major aluminum shielding products for high voltage laboratory testing to suppress corona effectively.

By the end of this blog guide, you will be knowledgeable on why corona rings are mainly used for high voltage laboratory.

Series resonant system produces high voltage, which cause the non-uniform local electric field.

The function of the corona ring is to distribute the electric field gradient and lower its maximum values below the corona threshold, either preventing corona discharge entirely or transferring its destructive effects from the valuable hardware to the ring.

Corona ring is used on high voltage laboratory and impulse system, and on scientific research apparatus that generates high voltages.

A very similar related component, aluminum corona shielding cover, is used on the top head of bushings.

What Is The High Voltage Laboratory

The high voltage laboratory can provide a wide range of possibilities in the field of high voltage testing and research.

Many components and measuring systems are used in the high voltage laboratory, such as power transformer, voltage or current generator, high voltage divider, bushings, power cables, corona rings, grading rings and corona shields, etc.


What Is The Ultra High Voltage Laboratory

The ultra high voltage laboratory, that allows testing instrument transformers up to 1200 kV.

China XIHARI’s laboratory is equipped with four test bays for testing high voltage apparatus up to rated voltage 12 kV; one test bay for testing high voltage apparatus up to rated voltage 40.5 kV; one test bay for testing high voltage apparatus up to rated voltage 252 kV and two test bays for testing high voltage apparatus up to rated voltage 1100 kV.

For 1200kV testing area, ARTECHE continues at the forefront of innovation and the technological development of the electric power industry.

Arteche new Ultra High Voltage laboratory in Mungia (Spain) able to test instrument transformers up to 1200 kV. It is a Laboratory for Arteche’s present, and designed for the future of the electric power industry, capable of handling voltage levels higher than the highest ones used today.

Here Below Video Is The Introduction Of Arteche’s Advanced Technology:

Why Big Size Diameter Corona Rings Are Used For Ultra High Voltage Laboratory

High voltage can result in unwanted noise and corona, especially in the high voltage testing hall which voltage is ultra high.

So blate shape corona shield and half round shape corona rings are needed to suppress the corona.

Corona rings and grading rings are common parts in high voltage testing center. They are easy to operate, convenient to move, and fast to install.

One of the main factors is the outside diameter of ring body, which have the main influence for potential gradient and corona effect on real measurement. Some end users need more larger diameter rings for their high voltage testing project.

Highv’s production ability is up to 16000mm outer diameter aluminum corona rings. It can be used for much ultra high voltage areas.

Here below is China 1200kV high voltage laboratory:


Clearly, the aluminum corona ring are the major parts for high voltage laboratory testing application.

There are also many big testing equipment in larger testing center, such as power transformer, power cable, current generator testing system, high voltage divider.

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