what are the materials of corona rings

What Are The Materials Of Corona Rings?

There are main two kinds metal materials used in corona rings production, this article will have a detailed introduction about the materials of corona rings.

What are the materials of corona rings? It depends on corona rings design and manufacturing process.

Die casting rings materials are usually A380 and ZL101.

The custom aluminum corona rings are usually made from 6061 thin wall tubing or pipe that is formed and welded; with appropriate supporting brackets and other mounting standards.

In some conditions, the stainless steel materials will be used.

It is a popular metal material to use for corona rings production.

Because it is both cost effective and high weather resistance.

The soft hardness is easily processing and polishing.

ZL101 die casting aluminum alloy can be strengthened by heat treatment, which has natural aging ability, high strength and good plasticity.

ZL101 die casting aluminum alloy has excellent casting properties, good fluidity, small linear shrinkage, low thermal cracking tendency and high air tightness. But it has a slight tendency to produce porosity and shrinkage.

This alloy has high corrosion resistance, good weldability and general machinability.

A380 type die casting aluminum alloy is the most common special aluminum alloy because it integrates the characteristics of easy casting, easy machining, and good heat conduction.

It has strong mobility, pressure bearing, and high temperature resistance.

Although the A380 type alloy has always been considered convenient for machining, it is slightly rough due to its higher silicon content.

It is widely used in various products, including chassis of electrical equipment, engine brackets, gearboxes, furniture, generators and hand tools, etc.

Of course, it is also the material of the aluminum die casting corona ring.


Let us introduce the common polishing and piping bending corona rings materials.

Since aluminum material is high strength with light weight, our partners can benefit from the material because the corona products made of these are high purity and light for transportation and easily installed.

  1. Good Weldability: Grade 3A21/6061/6063 aluminum material have good weldability for corona rings production process. After the welding process, our Highv workers will set about doing polishing process for aluminum corona rings. As you know, the soft aluminum material is easily for this process. Not only the diameters of corona rings can influence the corona effect, but also the corona rings need to be polished bright to achieve more smooth and no burr surface finish to ensure better corona shielding control effect.
  2. Light Weight: High purity aluminum density is 2.7g/cm3.
    This feature is high cost-effective no matter what is for industry production still for the shipment.
    Choosing the aluminum material for your corona rings projects can help you save your more time and money.
  3. Corrosion Resistance: Aluminum alloy naturally protects itself by forming a layer of oxide in its surface when in contact with the atmosphere that prevents further corrosion. So this feature can help aluminum corona rings a longer operation life period.
  4. Environmentally Friendly: Aluminum has a very low melting point therefore it can be easily melted and 100% of it can be reused.
    The combination of all these amazing properties make aluminum the material of choice for aluminum corona rings and components applications.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the kind of material which is not easy rust, acid resistance and corrosion resistance, so it is widely used in light industry and heavy industry.

Sometimes end users need some special corona rings made of stainless steel for outdoor applications.

Grade 201 reduces corona rings producing cost, increases mechanical strength and makes grade 201 work harden at a faster rate than grade 304 stainless steel material.

Grade 304 stainless steel material is a smart choice for your stainless steel corona rings project and longevity. It is cost-effective in comparison to other stainless steel materials.

Grade 304 material’s high quality and durability ensures that your product lasts a long time and the production of it is suitable for almost industry use.

Grade 316 stainless steel material, is a popular grade of stainless steel where superior corrosion resistance is of primary importance.

Grade 316 stainless steel corna ring is used for outdoor high voltage applications.


These above are only the common kinds of metal materials for corona rings design and production, Highv offered complete corona shielding control solutions.

We are able to design, develop, produce and deliver your corona rings and parts according to your detailed drawings, samples or just an idea.

HIGHV engineers expert team are skilled at AUTO CAD, PROE, SOLID WORKS and UG softwares for your aluminum corona rings project. Contact us today.