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Highv is professional at independent development and design. Our professional engineers team are also skilled at AUTO CAD and SOLID WORKS softwares.

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We are not only the supplier of corona ring and shield, we are your trustworthy partner in China.

In terms of current and future supply chain demands, our team is committed to providing global users with the best solutions of high quality corona rings and shielding components.


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At HIGHV, our team of expert engineers and designers helps global large and small companies to make the good quality aluminum corona rings and shielding components.

We work with all kinds of HV testing engineers, product researchers, and entrepreneurs from a wide range of fields like high voltage laboratory, power transformer, substation, GIS & impulse voltage generator system.


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HIGHV provides superb products and manufacturing services for your projects, techniques including: aluminum corona rings, aluminum grading rings, aluminum corona shielding rings, corona shielding covers, corona shielding spheres, conductors, custom corona shielding components and aluminum fabrication.

Read in-depth articles on aluminum corona rings and shielding parts manufacturing production processes, design tips and raw materials consideration.


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Our project manager and professional team are very experienced of precison machining aluminum corona rings and shielding parts for various industries, such as high voltage test equipment, high voltage capacitor banks, bushings, insulators, power transformers and different types of end-use components.


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