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Corona Ring In Transmission Line: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is corona ring in transmission line? What are the benefits of using it? How to install corona ring in transmission line? Read on to know about the corona ring in transmission line guide.

If you have any questions about corona ring in transmission line, you will find all answers right here.

This guide covers almost everything about corona rings in transmission lines. Keep reading to learn more.

You probably have heard about corona discharge before but haven’t known much about it, and what is the corona ring in transmission line?

Furthermore, have you ever considered the influence of various phenomena to the reliability of transmission lines, especially those that are high-voltage and long-distance transmission lines?

If no, don’t worry as this article will share a lot of information that can answer all your questions. The corona effect is very common in most electrical or electronic devices. Therefore, this article would benefit anyone who would like to know more about the causes and effects of these phenomena.

In a transmission line, the corona ring rotates around the perimeter of the outer conductor.

Is corona in power transmission lines dangerous?

Corona is a natural phenomenon that occurs on power systems and is caused by the partial breakdown of air.

Corona are generated in insulator tapes, conductor support and hardware equipment. If the thickness of the corona exceeds a certain level, corona discharge may occur.

This leads to damage to power transmission lines, flashovers and arcing between conductors, and subsequently cause system effectiveness reduction.

What is the function of corona ring in power transmission line?

Corona ring is an important protective and dissipative device in power transmission line.

Corona rays appear when the voltage gradient reaches about 30 kv/m.

It is a real problem of high-voltage activated equipment, such as transformers, circuit breakers and lines.

Its most common cause is partial discharge (PD), resulting in a corona current and loss of insulation. Although voltage gradients are not satisfied to create corona directly, they will morph into a corona condition when they become extreme.

Corona ring can effectively eliminate more than 99% of PD. In addition, the introduction of corona rings helps reduce voltage surges caused by electrical storms on long distance transmission lines . Corona rings were first used on transmission lines in the early 1930s.

The principles for using corona rings are rooted in Faraday’s law, which describes the relationship between capacitance and electric field strength.

How do transmission lines work?

How to install corona ring in transmission line?

  1. The corona ring boady shall be cleaned, and the surface dust should not be remaining.
  2. Fix the corona ring in the transmission line with the mark side upward, then align the screw holes and press it to make sure there is no gap between them.
  3. Drill holes in the transmission line as per position of bolts to fit the corona ring, drill depth of which shall not less than 3mm (1/8).
  4. Tighten screws with torque wrench in sequence, tightening torque for M12 is 50Nm, for M16 is 70Nm.
  5. Avoid any problems during assembly of corona ring in the transmission line or during operation after installation.

Which material used for making corona ring in transmission line?

There are many types of corona rings in transmission lines, but most frequently used are aluminum and stainless steel.

These materials are produced in the form of tubing and die casting to cover the various size of transmission line.

Aluminum is a perfect material for these corona rings as it is easy for handling, fabrication and has cost effective benefits.

However, stainless steel rings are used when high radiation and corrosion resistant properties are demanded.

Aluminum corona rings are also used in place of stainless steel as it provides usable rigidity yet with low conductivity.

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