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High Voltage Corona Rings: The Definitive Guide

The high voltage corona rings are used in high voltage test equipment and power systems (substations, high voltage transmission line, AC voltage system, etc.) and are mainly made of aluminum alloy.

High voltage corona rings are typically made up of two same size metal electrodes. When a high voltage is applied to these electrodes, the electrical field that is created can ionize the gas around the electrodes.

So if you are looking to learn more about high voltage corona rings, or if you are looking for corona rings that can help you with a specific application, you’ll love this definitive guide.

high voltage corona rings

The high voltage corona rings, also called anti corona rings, they can be used in high voltage test equipment and power systems (substations, high voltage transmission line, AC voltage system, etc.) and are mainly made of aluminum alloy.

Generally the high voltage corona ring needs to be polished bright to achieve more smooth and no burr surface finish to ensure better corona control effect.

Corona ring is widely used on the end fittings of high voltage bushings and other high voltage testing equipment. High voltage can result in unwanted noise and corona, so corona rings are needed.

The high voltage corona ring is suitable for the voltage form of alternating current (AC), which can distribute the high voltage evenly around the object to ensure that there is no potential difference (PD) between the various parts of the ring.

What are high voltage corona rings used for?

High voltage corona rings are used in a variety of applications and industries. They can be found in power supplies, high voltage generators, and HV test systems.

High voltage corona rings are used for AC high voltage transmission lines and DC high voltage transmission lines to reduce the effect of corona discharge and improve power energy transmission efficiency.

Corona rings can work in harsh environment with wide temperature range, they have good anti-corrosion performance and long life time.

The main materials used in high voltage corona rings are aluminum alloy.

The aluminum corona ring is mainly used in low-voltage power distribution network and can be used for -55~+180℃.

Aluminum high voltage corona ring has a good insulation performance and can be used for -40~+100℃.

Aluminum corona ring has good dielectric properties and corrosion resistance, it is mainly applied to high voltage power transmission lines and DC power transmission lines. It has excellent mechanical strength, so it is widely used in various types of silicon steel sheet, cable or composite insulator.

high voltage corona rings applications

How do high voltage corona rings work?

Coronas are produced when the electric field strength near a conductor (usually a point or sharp edge) exceeds the strength required to ionize the air around the conductor.

The field then becomes strong enough to cause electrons to be stripped from nearby air molecules, which themselves become charged, and are attracted towards the conductor with an opposite charge.

This process is then repeated over and over again, until there are so many electrons and charged ions in the vicinity of the conductor that all potential for further ionization is neutralized, and no more corona forms.

Corona Discharge is formed by high voltage DC power supply and can be applied for ozone generation (ozonizer).

The high voltage corona rings on power transformers are there to protect the equipment.

High voltage travels along the surface of a conductor. The rings that you see increase the surface area of the conductor and therefore, reduce the voltage gradient needed for corona discharge to occur.

Without them, corona discharge could occur, which would cause losses in the power transformer.

Can high voltage corona rings be re-used?

Yes, high voltage corona rings are often re-used.

They do wear out and can be damaged if not handled properly.

Highv engineers team recommend that you inspect your corona rings for cracks or areas of wear and replace them as needed.

We also suggest that you keep a spare set on hand in case of emergency so you won’t have to wait for new high voltage corona rings to be manufactured.

What materials can be used for high voltage corona rings?

Aluminium alloy is a popular metal material to use for high volatge corona rings production.

Because it is both cost effective and high weather resistance.

The soft hardness is easily processing and polishing.

Let us introduce the common polishing and piping bending corona rings materials.

Since aluminum material is high strength with light weight, our partners can benefit from the material because the corona products made of these are high purity and light for transportation and easily installed.

  • Good Weldability: Grade 3A21/6061/6063 aluminum material have good weldability for corona rings production process. After the welding process, our Highv workers will set about doing polishing process for aluminum corona rings. As you know, the soft aluminum material is easily for this process. Not only the diameters of corona rings can influence the corona effect, but also the corona rings need to be polished bright to achieve more smooth and no burr surface finish to ensure better corona shielding control effect.
  • Light Weight: High purity aluminum density is 2.7g/cm3.
    This feature is high cost-effective no matter what is for industry production still for the shipment.
    Choosing the aluminum material for your corona rings projects can help you save your more time and money.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Aluminum alloy naturally protects itself by forming a layer of oxide in its surface when in contact with the atmosphere that prevents further corrosion. So this feature can help aluminum corona rings a longer operation life period.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Aluminum has a very low melting point therefore it can be easily melted and 100% of it can be reused.
    The combination of all these amazing properties make aluminum the material of choice for aluminum corona rings and components applications.

What are the features of high voltage corona rings?

  1. High strength
  2. Excellent polishing bright finish
  3. Corona shielding advantage
  4. High moistureproof
  5. Tasteless and non-poisonous
  6. Anti-corona and Anti-causticity
  7. Competitive price with good quality
  8. Low MOQ (1 piece is even acceptable in some special conditions)
  9. Customized sizes and specifications /OEM is also available

What are the design specifications for high voltage corona rings?

There are a number of factors to consider when designing high voltage corona rings.

These include the following:

  • The design, size and geometry of the insulator upon which the ring is mounted
  • The spacing between the corona ring and the insulator surface
  • The inner and outer diameter of the corona ring
  • The wall thickness, raw material, and dielectric strength of the corona ring
  • The diameter of the conductor through which current flows through the corona ring
  • The high voltage applied to the conductor
  • The conductor material

What conditions affect high voltage corona rings performance?

There are several specific conditions that affect high voltage corona rings performance.


Corona rings are temperature sensitive. Operating a corona ring at higher temperatures will cause it to wear out faster, and operating it at lower temperatures will cause the ring to operate below its optimal efficiency.

For this reason, most applications of corona rings operate them in ambient air or oil that is at or close to room temperature (around 20°C). Corona rings can operate in a wide range of temperatures; however, it is important to choose a corona ring technology that has been designed for your specific application.

Atmospheric Humidity:

Ambient humidity affects corona ring performance as well. In dry conditions, the charge transfer between the electrode and the surrounding particles or gas will be much higher than in humid conditions. This is because water molecules will compete with the charged particles for anions on the electrode surface, reducing the amount of charge transferred from the electrode to the surrounding particles or gas. This is why corona rings are often used in closed systems with minimal humidity.

How do we maintain our high voltage corona rings?

Maintaining high voltage corona rings is a difficult task, as they are often placed in hard-to-reach locations. They are often around 30 feet in the air and on testing equipment, making it impossible to use a ladder or other traditional methods of maintenance.

Our technicians must be specially trained to handle and safely maintain high voltage corona rings. There are many safety concerns involved with this type of equipment, and it is crucial that our technicians are properly trained to work with these rings.

Because of the difficulty in maintaining these rings, we have developed a tool that allows our technicians to access them from the ground without having to climb up ladders or other objects. The tool is a long pole with wheels on the bottom so it can be pushed along the ground by our technicians. The pole has several arms that extend out and overtop of the corona ring to allow for easy access when performing maintenance operations such as cleaning or replacing parts that need repair.

How are high voltage corona rings installed in measurement systems?

high voltage corona ring installation

Installation of the high voltage corona ring is an important part of the power line measurement system. Before installing, it is necessary to check whether the properties meet the requirements. It should be installed in a clean and dry place, away from dust, conductive dust and other conductive substances.

  1. Corona ring installation with flange: This is one of the most common ways to install corona rings. The flange is usually made of polyurethane and has two angled surfaces. One surface grips the inner wall of the pipe and the other grips the outer wall. The flange is then clamped using bolts to ensure that it stays securely in place.
  2. Corona ring installation with clamping device: A clamping device is an instrument used to hold or fasten something securely while preventing movement or loosening. The clamping device is a flexible and easy-to-use product made from polyurethane that is designed to fix high voltage corona rings inside pipes.
  3. Corona ring installation with screws and nuts: Corona rings can also be installed by placing them between two halves of a pipe which have been cut down the middle and then screwing them together using screws and nuts.

How to choose China high voltage corona rings manufacturer and factory?

The high voltage corona ring is a kind of electric ring that can suppress the corona discharge. It is usually made of insulating material, and sometimes it can be made of metal or composite materials. When designing and manufacturing corona rings, according to different voltage grades, transmission lines and insulators, we should choose a reasonable material for different locations to make the corona rings have good anti-corona performance and adequate mechanical strength.

The most important thing for choosing high voltage corona rings manufacturer from China is product quality and price.

  1. The first step for selecting one China high voltage corona rings manufacturer is to find out the most suitable manufacturer by searching on Google, Bing and other search engines.
  2. The second step is to visit their official website or factory directly. We can see from their website: company scale, price list of high voltage corona rings products they produce, product catalog and application fields of corona ring products. If you want to know more about their product quality, you can also ask them for samples or visit their factory directly.
  3. If you have visited their factory or know a lot about their products and prices, you can inquire the quotation of high voltage corona rings products with them by email.

Only in this way, you can find and choose your best high voltage corona rings manufacturer from China.


High voltage corona rings have applications in multiple industries.

We hope you enjoy this complete guide to high voltage corona rings.

Now I’d like to hear from you: Which part from today’s guide are you going to learn first?

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