Corona Shielding Rings

Corona Shielding Rings

corona shielding ring

Are you looking forward to having a plan or coming up with an idea to purchase corona shielding rings for laboratory, bushing, power transformer, capacitor, GIS, substation and insulator manufacturing?

Check out the following buyer’s guide for high voltage test engineers, operators and beginners, we’ll offer you the high quality corona shielding ring with 24/7 custom service to fit your drawing ideas and plans.

Contact our Highv team today to get your corona shielding solutions and details.

What is a corona Shielding ring

Corona shielding ring, it is also known as corona ring or electrode, which can be divided into arrester corona shielding ring, lightning protection corona shielding ring, insulator corona shielding ring, transformer corona shielding ring, high voltage test equipment use corona shielding ring, power transmission line corona shielding ring.

Corona shielding ring or electrode can be used in precision measurement of electrical equipment. HIGHV offers designing, manufacturing and installation of corona shielding ring.

How Does a Corona Shielding Ring Work

A corona shielding ring, also called an anti-corona ring, is a toroid of conductive material, usually aluminum alloy, which is attached to a terminal of high voltage equipment.

The role of the corona shielding ring is to distribute the electric field gradient and lower its maximum values below the corona threshold, preventing corona discharge.

Corona shielding ring is used on untra high voltage power transmission insulators and gas insulated switchgears, and on scientific research apparatus that generates high voltages.

Corona shielding rings are typically installed on super high voltage power line insulators.

Corona shielding rings prolong lifetime of insulator surfaces by suppressing the effects of corona discharge.

Corona shielding rings may also be installed on the insulators of antennas of high-power radio transmitters.

However, they increase the capacitance of the insulators.

What Materials Can Be Used For Corona Shielding Ring

Material Available:

Die Casting Aluminum AlloyAL101
Stainless SteelSS304
Stainless SteelSS316L

Corona Shielding Ring Technical Parameters

Product Name:Corona Shielding Ring
Service:OEM and ODM is available
Raw Material:Pressure Die casting: Aluminum Alloy AL101 etc.
Aluminum: 6061/6063/3A21/1060
Stainless Steel: 304/316L
Copper: C1100
Ring Tube Wall Thickness:2.0mm-10.0mm
MOQ:1 Piece/Set
Processing:1. Process: Raw materials(Aluminum, Copper, Stainless Steel etc.) cutting, Pipe bending, CNC machining, Turning, Milling , Drilling, Grinding, Wire EDM cutting, Welding, Pressure die casting, Polishing finish, Other Surface treatment, Cleaning, Testing, Assemble and install, Packaging, etc
2.Precision Machining: CNC turning, milling, drilling, grinding, assembly
Surface treatment:Polished bright/Galvanized/Color painting/Coating insulating varnish
Packaging:Steel pallet, wooden pallet and cases with fumigation, wooden cases, etc
Delivery time:Within 15-25 days after receiving order deposit payment
Transaction term:EXW, FOB, CIF, DDP, etc.
Payment term:T/T, L/C, West Union
Product application:GIS (Gas insulated switchgear), Substation, Arrestor, High voltage bushing, Shunt reactor, Power transformer, Power cable (accessory), High voltage laboratory (High voltage test equipments), High voltage capacitor bank, High voltage transmission line (overhead line), current transformer, voltage transformer, etc

What Are The Features of Corona Shielding Ring

  • High strength
  • Excellent polishing bright finish
  • Corona shielding advantage
  • High moistureproof
  • Tasteless&non-poisonous
  • Anti-causticity
  • Competitive price with good quality
  • Low MOQ (1 piece/set is even acceptable in some special conditions)
  • Customized sizes and specifications /OEM is also available

What Is A Corona Shielding Ring Used For

corona shielding ring application

HIGHV custom made solutions and aluminum corona shielding rings are widely used for below different high voltage systems.

  • High voltage capacitor banks
  • High voltage dividers
  • GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear)
  • Substation
  • Surge arrester
  • Shunt reactor
  • Power transformer
  • Current transformer
  • AC voltage test transformer
  • Voltage transformer
  • Impulse voltage generator and current generator testing system
  • Power cable (accessory)
  • High voltage laboratory (High voltage test equipment)
  • High voltage transmission line (overhead line)
  • Insulator

What We Can Do For Your Corona Shielding Ring Project

corona shielding ring showcase one
Product NameCorona Shielding Ring
Material UsedAluminum
Surface FinishPolishing Bright
ApplicationPower Transformer And Bushing
Delivery CountryUSA
corona shielding ring showcase two
Product NameCorona Shielding Ring
Material UsedAluminum
Surface FinishPolishing Bright
ApplicationHigh Voltage Lab
Delivery CountryOman

What Is Corona Shielding Ring Packaging?

  1. Highv has professional packaging team who can adopt developed packaging technology and packaging style to ensure the corona shielding ring packaging quality.
  2. Standard sea packing, the corona shielding ring packaging can be done by wooden case and carton box. The wooden case and corona shielding rings contact parts must be padded with foamed paper or rubber. Wooden case four corners shall not be smaller than the size of the corona shielding rings. Corona shielding ring’s surface is wrapping foam paper, and four sides contacting with wooden case with foam mat protection.
  3. In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the corona shielding rings measurements and quality information.
corona shielding ring packaging

How To Choose Corona Shielding Ring Manufacturer

As the one of leading corona shielding ring manufacturers in China, Highv is professional at manufacturing and supplying of aluminum corona shielding rings with 30 years experience.

The engineers expert team are skilled at AUTO CAD, PROE, SOLID WORKS and UG softwares for your corona shielding rings design and production.

You will get the high quality corona ring with affordable price from us.

HIGHV offers complete corona shielding solutions, 24/7 one-to-one free service and support, which is available free.

How To Buy Corona Shielding Ring

The first and most important among our pre-sales support is, at every stage, providing comprehensive information for you, communicating with you to determine your unique products needs, finally helping you to make the most reasonable purchasing decisions.

When you want to purchase corona shielding rings from Highv, the following information should be clarified before order:

  1. Detailed Drawings (CAD/PRO-E/UG/SOLIDWORS software support)
  2. Application (High Voltage Bushing, Power Transformer, etc.)
  3. Material Grade (Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel, Copper, etc.)
  4. Dimensions (Tube Wall Thickness, Outer Diameter, Others)
  5. Surface Treatment (Polishing Bright, Blue Color Painting, Galvanized, Coating Insulating Varnish, Anodic Oxidation, etc.)
  6. Production Type of Corona Ring (Pipe Bending or Pressure Die Casting)
  7. Voltage Class (170kV, 230kV, 500kV, 800kV, 1100kV, etc.)
  8. Packaging Type (Carton Box, Wooden Pallet, Wooden Case)
  9. Delivery Time (15-20 Working days After Confirmed The Deposit)
  10. Quoted Term (EXW, FCA, FOB, CFR, CIF, DDP, etc.)

If you want to buy other corona shielding products from us or require service support, please don’t hesitate to contact our HIGHV team at any time.

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