Aluminum Corona Rings For High Voltage Capacitors: The FAQ Guide

Are you looking forward to having a plan to purchase aluminum corona rings for high voltage capacitors projects?

Aluminum corona rings are mainly used in high voltage capacitors. They are easy to operate, convenient to move, and fast to install.

Here let Highv team introduce the design and production of aluminum corona rings for high voltage capacitors.

Then you will be able to get a clear and a crisp understanding of how aluminum corona rings are used for high voltage capacitors.

The high voltage capacitors banks are the core component of the AC/DC filter of the converter station. The capacity is usually between 3000-6000Mvar and consists of 15,000-30,000 capacitors, which play a role in filtering harmonics and providing reactive power.

DC transmission high voltage filter capacitor bank, which includes capacitors, pillar insulators and benches.

It is characterized by the use of an eleven-layer building block structure with a single-layer capacitor stand stacked layer by layer.

Each stage adopts a capacitor unit 2 parallel 6 series structure.

The 1/2 potential point of each capacitor in series is connected to the stand.

The interlayer insulator adopts reinforced post insulators, and the bottom adopts 6 post insulators.

It is of great significance to ensure the safe operation of UHVDC transmission and power grids.

There are two technical difficulties in the operation of capacitors. One is that it is difficult to detect minor internal faults in the capacitor in advance, difficult to accurately locate, and it is impossible to avoid further development of minor faults, which will eventually lead to accidents.

The second problem is that there are more than 300 capacitor units in a single group of filter, and the natural combination of capacitor units is highly discrete, and it is difficult to quickly adjust the balance, which reduces the sensitivity of capacitor unbalance protection and affects the safe operation of capacitors.

What Are High Voltage Capacitors Functions

High voltage capacitors have the characteristics of low loss and light weight. The main functions are:

  1. In the transmission line, the use of high voltage capacitors can form a series compensation station to improve the transmission capacity of the transmission line.
  2. In large scale substations, high voltage capacitors can be used to form a static phase-controlled reactor-type dynamic reactive power compensation device (SVC) to improve power quality.
  3. At the end of the distribution line, the use of high voltage capacitors can improve the power factor at the end of the line and ensure the voltage quality at the end of the line.
  4. High voltage capacitors are installed in the middle and low-voltage bus sections of the substation to compensate the reactive power consumed by the load and improve the power factor on the bus side.
  5. In load terminal stations with nonlinear loads, high voltage capacitors will also be installed for filtering.

Why Do Aluminum Corona Rings Work For High Voltage Capacitors


High voltage can result in unwanted noise and corona, especially in the high voltage capacitors banks which voltage is ultra high.

So aluminum corona rings are needed to suppress the corona during high voltage control process.

Aluminum corona rings are common parts in high voltage capacitors banks.

They are easy to operate, convenient to move, and fast to install.

As you know, a lot of corona rings and corona shielding covers are used in high voltage capacitors banks which ensures testing project to run more smoothly, efficiently and safely.

When it comes to your high voltage capacitors banks project, aluminum corona rings from Highv can help you finish all corona shielding solutions.

One of the main factors is the outside diameter of ring body, which have the main influence for potential gradient and corona effect on power transformers. Some end users need more larger diameter rings for their project.

Here we should introduce our processing capabilities of the large outer diameter of aluminum corona rings.

The biggest outer diameter dimension of super aluminum corona ring is up to 16000mm. And pipe inner diameter of aluminum corona ring is 3000mm. Wall thickness of pipe will be from 2.0mm to 10mm.

How To Design Aluminum Corona Rings For High Voltage Capacitors Projects

Aluminum corona rings design is the basic and important part on high voltage capacitors banks project.

At first, our professional engineers team will help customers choose the right material of aluminum corona rings production.

Different grade aluminum materials have each advantages and functions.

Grade 3A21, 6061, 6063, 1060 aluminum are the main materials for these aluminum corona rings design and production.

Highv expert team will help statistic the installation data of aluminum corona rings on the high voltage capacitors banks. After all detailed information are confirmed, we will design the CAD or Solidworks drawings with customers engineers together.

Why Choose HIGHV Aluminum Corona Rings For High Voltage Capacitors

When it comes to design and production of aluminum corona rings for high voltage capacitors banks, Highv’s 30 years of manufacturing experience will really show.

Highv is one of the professional aluminum corona rings manufacturers in China, we are top leader aluminum corona rings factory.

HIGHV engineers expert team are skilled at AUTO CAD, PROE, SOLID WORKS and UG softwares for your aluminum corona rings project. Contact us today.