5 Factors Of Aluminum Corona Rings Installation: The Beginner’s Guide

From common raw materials of aluminum corona rings to manufacturing process, here HIGHV offers complete solutions for your high voltage testing project.

High quality aluminum corona rings are easily for different devices and systems installation.

In this part of the article, you are going to learn more about all details of aluminum corona rings installation that help your high voltage test to be more successfully and efficiently.

Installation location is the first main factor which should be considered by us.

You need to think of electrical safety when standing the site of the installation center.

You should have the environment evaluated beforehand.

Likewise, the structural analysis of the load needs to be analyzed for the integrity of the structural design.

Such as gantry crane size configuration, lift platform stability, lift wire safety confirmation, measuring device and equipment function, etc.

Ground Wire

Ground wire can help improve electrical safety.

So grounding wire should be checked that your equipment is properly grounded to remove any static charges that have gathered in it.

Especially aluminum corona rings for the power transformers and high voltage bushings test measurement.


Aluminum Corona Rings Installation For 1000kV Power Transformer (The Picture Originates From Tianwei Baobian Electric)

During The Aluminum Corona Rings Installation Process

During the aluminum corona ring installation process, all engineers should notice the around safety when operating the lift equipment.

Generally the aluminum corona ring needs to be polished bright to achieve more smooth and no burr surface finish to ensure better corona control effect.

Let’s why we should check the corona rings body and surface if it is damaged or not.

Knocking the ring body with sharp hard objects and tools is not allowed. Because this dangerous way of doing will harm the ring body.

So the corona effect will have big influence. For making sure the personnel’s safety, pedal action can not be done during installation process.

Checking Dimensions And Sizes

The dimension and size should be clear.

As you know, the drawing of design ring is the basic part before production process of aluminum corona rings.

So all installation such as holes position, diameter, bracket measurement, flanges size, etc should be marked clearly in each drawing design on power transformer and bushing.

The tolerance is allowed in real manufacturing process. But it does not influence the final installation on test equipment.

When we install the aluminum corona rings in one high voltage laboratory testing hall, this installation dimensions should be confirmed clearly.

Final Debugging Inspection

Final debugging inspection before starting the new high voltage test.

We should finish the final inspection before all unit becoming energized.

We should arrange all staff and study the details of the safety protocol before every experiment.


There are also some other details that we should consider for aluminum corona rings installation for every high voltage project, but the above-given aspect is the most important parts of operation.

It will help you to know more about corona rings products themselves and installation details.